Project Dream has a number of staff which moderate and look after the server; they are responsible for the upkeep of it as well as ensuring that it is a safe as environment for it's players as possible.

The staff team is split up into different roles based on their responsibilities on Project Dream, Intern, Server Moderators, Forum Moderators, Global Moderators, Administrators, and Executives. Additional forum ranks exist for Player Manager, Community Ambassador and Member.

Current Staff List


  • hedgehog
  • Rift In Time
  • spiderman

Player manager

  • nekasus


  • strawberry

Global Moderators

  • Hellspawn

Server Moderators

  • doel
  • rajesh
  • glacors


  • fanciable
  • tysonn
  • left nut
  • pills 4 arms
  • voidseeker



Executives are members who own and run the server. Executive isn't so much an achievable rank, rather it's those who founded Project Dream and those who are invited to join them in running it.

Player Manager

The Player Manager is responsible for looking after the community, resolving account problems and issues mostly. They are usually brought in externally on Project Dream to remove any bias they have towards players.


A rank given to those who are truly trusted, administrators have spent a long time on the staff team on Project Dream and have proven themselves whilst apart of the team. They have a high-level role to play within the community responsible for similar things to the player manager including player appeals, recoveries, reports, etc.

Administrators tend to have a developer skill set on Project Dream and assist the development team with enhancing and improving the server in it's day-to-day functionality and updates, however it has been known in exceptional circumstance that this is not required if the administrator has proven themselves.


Server Moderator

Moderator of the server, as such looks after the affairs of the server such as reports as well as the well being of the users when online,

Forum Moderator

A Forum Moderator concentrates on affairs on the forums.  They deal with things such as spam and unnecessary posts.  They have no ranks in-game.