The Living Rock Caverns, or 'LRC', is a high level skilling area where you can fish Rocktail and mine Gold and Coal ore from Mineral Deposits. This area is predominantly for Fishing and Mining but some players also train combat on the Living Rock Monsters as Living Minerals are rather profitable. There are no requirements to enter the Living Rock Caverns, however, there are high level non-aggressive monsters inside which may pose a threat to lower-levelled players.


There are a number of Living Rock Monsters at LRC.  Their levels range from 120 to 200. When they are killed they leave behind a pile of rocks. You can mine these for living minerals, which are used as bait to fish for Rocktails.

Getting there

The Living Rock Caverns are found below the Dwarven mine beneath Ice Mountain, near Falador. There are several ways to get there:

  • Using the command ;;Lrc
  • Through the entrance on Ice Mountain, then south to the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns.
  • Through the entrance in the north of Falador, or the Mining Guild, then north, then west to the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns.


Scattered around the caverns are numerous Coal deposits, 2 Gold deposits, and 8 Rocktail fishing spots. The Coal deposits require 77 mining, the Gold deposits require 80 mining and Rocktails require 90 fishing to catch and 93 cooking to cook.