In game, we use commands to get around.  These range from commands to teleport us to a destination to commands that give us something or change something about the character.  Here, below, is a list of commands available to players.

To use a command in-game, type '::' before it.

Teleport Commands

Home - teleports you home
westbank - teleports you to westbank
eastbank - teleports you to eastbank
castlewars - teleports you to clanwars
cw -  teleports you to clanwars
revs - teleports you to revs pking area
fishing - teleports you to fishing area
zombies - zombie minigame
frost - frost dragons
house - player house
stryke - strykewyrms
lrc - Living Rock Caverns
pking - takes you to Edgeville
woodcutting - woodcutting area
runecrafting - runescafting area
summoning - summoning area
mining - mining area

Misc Commands

toggleyell - turns yell off
empty - deletes inventory
players - list of players online
title [number] - changed title in-game
ancients - changes magic to ancients
moderns - changes magic back to normal
makeover - change your look
mytask - view current slayer task
fix [username] - teleports a user that is buggged home.
changepass [password]
dh - removes 50 LP
answer [answer] - answers current trivia question
toggletrivia - enables/disables trivia
ticket - request staff help
forums - loads forums
blackscreen - helps you with black screen issues
reset (att/str/def/range/hp) - resets chosen skill
      vote - opens up vote page
donate - opens up store
checkdonate - claim donation
checkvote- claim vote
getspins [number] - squel of fortune

Premium/Extreme member commands

Donatorzone - teleport to donator zone
dz - teleport to donator zone
jihad - teleport to westbank
greenskin - makes skin green
blueskin - makes skin blue