Mg clanwars

Clan Wars is one of the main community places in Project Dream.  Here, people fight, bet and buy/sell.  The is usually atleast 2-3 people here at all times.  This is also where people host dice games.  See here for dicing.


There are 3 portals at Clanwars.  Red, White and Purple.

  • White is a safe portal.  You will not lose your items or cash and it is mostly used for fun fights.
  • Red is a dangerous portal.  You WILL lose your items and cash here.  It is mostly used for fighting with bets
  • Purple is a portal where you can set up clan fights.  Here you can get a group of friends and challenge another group.  You will not lose your items.

How To Get To Clan Wars

There are 3 ways to get to the clan wars lobby

  • The dark red portal near westbank will teleport to the clan wars lobby.
  • The command '::clanwars' will also teleport you to the clan wars lobby.
  • The quickest method to get to the clan wars lobby is the command '::cw'.